“End of Chapter Blues”: The Stress of an Ending & How to Overcome It

I’m currently finishing a thesis chapter and the straggling, stuttering, strangling struggle has begun. I powered through Academic Writing Month (#AcWriMo), one of my aims being that I would finish the write-up of my current thesis chapter leaving only the editing, restructuring etc. for the beginning of December. The write-up was glorious! Aside from a few lackadaisical days […]

Writer’s Block: How to Overcome the Fear of the Blank Page

I regularly fall prey to writer’s block. Faced with a blank page, my mind empties, my sense of purpose evaporates and I begin to panic. I become overwhelmed by negative thoughts: I’ll never be able to write again….I’m in over my head with this….and so on! This has overshadowed my postgraduate research and writing since […]