Three Halloween Costumes Inspired by American Short Stories

In the spirit of Halloween I have come up with three simple costumes inspired by 19th century American short stories. Whether you are a somewhat troubled trickster or a passive treater there’s something for everyone. For the more passive trick or treater….. Rip Van Winkle! Yes, this guy is really easy. He comes from a […]

Review: “A Face in the Crowd” by Stephen King and Stewart O’Nan

“A Face in the Crowd” (2012) is a short story that follows Dean Evers, a New Englander who has retired to Florida. Evers, a widower fills his days with cheap paperback, lack lustre dinners and baseball until he starts to see dead people who he has wronged sitting in the bleachers staring at him through […]

A Review of Stephen King and Joe Hill’s “In the Tall Grass.”

*This review is written as part of The Stephen King Project* “In the Tall Grass” (2012) is a short story that follows Cal and Becky, brother and sister, as the pull to the side of road after hearing cries for help from the expanse of tall grass beside them. As they enter the grass to […]

“Thank You For the Light”: F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Unpublished Work, Popularity and Scholarship

The New Yorker recently featured a previously unpublished short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald called “Thank You For the Light.” The piece is short (c.1000 words) and closely resembles flash fiction. In style, it is simple, unadorned and witty. Mrs. Hanson, the protagonist, is a travelling saleswoman who spends her day desperately trying to find a place […]