Dark Circles Are Your Friends: Finishing a PhD Thesis

There are lots of posts out there offering useful hints and tips about finishing a PhD thesis. Having recently submitted my own, I decided to write about my experience of finishing. Rather than provide a “top 10 tips” type of article I’ll highlight a few of the major moments and experiences I had. Firstly, I […]

What Is My Edge?

I recently read a post by the Thesis Whisperer that asked, “what is your edge?” In this time of economic crisis and job scarcity how can you as a doctoral candidate use your unique strengths to gain a career that suits your skills if not your research interests. This post came to me during a […]

Thesis in a Tweet

Recently I partook in a challenge to condense my thesis topic into a 140 character (or less) tweet. I decided to rework the opening lines of Romeo and Juliet as a nod to my literature studies background. This also helped to produce a succinct description that emulates the poetic core of my project. 2 Chicana poets, both alike in feminist dignity In unfair U.S. […]


About Américas Studies: Welcome and thanks for visiting. The title of this blog, Américas Studies, reflects on my research interests: Chicana/o poetry, Americas Studies, transnationalism, border studies, feminism, gender, race, coloniality, film & television studies, social media, and digital humanities. It is an umbrella term for a plethora of thoughts and ideas that pop in […]

Shut Up and Write: The Pros and Cons of Going it Alone

I have been using the “Shut Up and Write” method as part of my PhD writing regime for over a year. The first few sessions were conducted with at least one other participant and I found it very productive as a method. Having someone present to discuss writing, share hints and tips, as well as […]

Writer’s Block: How to Overcome the Fear of the Blank Page

I regularly fall prey to writer’s block. Faced with a blank page, my mind empties, my sense of purpose evaporates and I begin to panic. I become overwhelmed by negative thoughts: I’ll never be able to write again….I’m in over my head with this….and so on! This has overshadowed my postgraduate research and writing since […]

Day of Digital Humanities 2012

Day of Digital Humanities 2012 has arrived! Are you participating?? I most definitely am! Click HERE to read my Day of DH post detailing what the digital humanities means for my research and a brief overview of my DH day.