Exciting Developments: Academic Writing, Poetry & Lorna Dee Cervantes!

It has been several weeks since I last posted here and a lot has happened in that time revolving around academic writing and poetry. First, November was Academic Writing Month (#AcWriMo). I managed to reach just under 7,000 words, less than last year, but not to shabby nonetheless. Of course, #AcWriMo is so much more […]

“Shelling the Pecans” by Lorna Dee Cervantes (Audio)

This poem won Lorna Dee Cervantes the 2007 Pushcart Prize for Best of the Small Press. It was originally published in OCHO#6, 2006. The full text is available here. Similar Posts: A Review of Ciento: 100 100-Word Love Poems by Lorna Dee Cervantes Lorna Dee Cervantes at the American Literature Association Conference in San Francisco, […]

“The Still, Sad Music of Humanity”: A Brief Appreciation of Poetry

In this TED Talk, Scott Griffin, founder of the Griffin Poetry Prize, discusses the importance of poetry, drawing on his own personal development and the role of arts in society. Throughout, his talk is flavoured with recitations of some of his favourite poems delivered in the manner of a true appreciator of poetry and language. […]

Lorna Dee Cervantes at the American Literature Association Conference in San Francisco, 26/05/12

In the spirit of National Poetry Day (UK) I have posted the following video of my favourite poet, Lorna Dee Cervantes. This video captures her reading at the ALA Conference, 2012: Similar Posts: Lorna Dee Cervantes Speaking at The Alamo in support of the Librotraficante Movement My first peer reviewed publication which compares the works […]

New Publication on Lorna Dee Cervantes and Rage Against the Machine

I am pleased to announce that my article titled, “Anti-Capitalist Critique and Travelling Poetry in the Works of Lorna Dee Cervantes and Rage Against the Machine” was published in the Journal of the International Association for Inter-American Research, Vol. 5 No. 1 (April 2012). The Issue is called Transitions and Continuities in Contemporary Chicano/a Culture […]

Librotraficante Caravan: Lorna Dee Cervantes

When Lorna Dee Cervantes was in highschool, her teacher said NO to every dream she had on the basis of the colour of her skin. Standing in front of the Alamo, San Antonio, Lorna Dee Cervantes stands up and says YES to Chicana/o Studies and NO to those who oppress ethnic studies education! For more information […]

Americas Studies

The Following is an edited version of a presentation I gave at the School of English PhD Slam on the 15th September 2011. To see news coverage of the event, please click here. My research interests range across contemporary women’s poetry, Chicana/o Studies, Americas Studies, feminist geography, border theory, transnationalism, migration and ethnicity, representation of […]

A Review of “A New Page – Digital Humanities: Editing, Reading, and Understanding” By Dr. Orla Murphy, School of English, UCC, October 21 2009.

Orla Murphy gave a stimulating paper in the School of English Research Seminar, University College Cork, which asked the fundamental question: In the coming years, is digital illiteracy going to place people on the margins of research? According to Murphy, the library, which has long been the nucleus of the modern humanities, is undergoing a complete […]

Ciento: 100 100 Word Love Poems, By Lorna Dee Cervantes: A Review

Ciento: 100 100 Word Love Poems by Lorna Dee Cervantes was published by Wings Press, September 2011. This vibrant new collection from the acclaimed Chicana poet bears testament to her experimental style and far-reaching voice. The collection was born out a writing challenge the poet set for herself: Every week Cervantes would receive a new […]

Sheroes: A Snapshot of Inspirational Women in the Americas on International Women’s Day 2011

In no particular order here is a list of just some of the many inspirational women in the Americas in honour of International Women’s Day, March 8th 2011: Dr Maya Angelou (1928): a celebrated poet, memoirist, novelist, educator, dramatist, producer, actress, historian, filmmaker, and civil rights activist and also, might I add, San Francisco’s first […]