Oppression: A Response to Rory O’Neill’s Abbey Theatre Speech

I am moved to write this post after watching Rory O’Neill’s speech in the Abbey Theatre. O’Neill’s speech follows on from comments he made about homophobia on the Saturday Night Show which prompted RTE to pay out €85,000 to the Iona Institute Catholic lobbying group. O’Neill’s description of oppression in Ireland is familiar to many of […]

A St Patrick’s Day Tweet

As an Irish researcher of Chicana poetry I was delighted by this tweet in response to St Patrick’s Day today: “@laloalcaraz: Remember, the Irish are Europe’s Chicanos! #HappyStPatricksDay” So true! — Tony Hernandez (@TonyHTonyH) March 17, 2013   Similar Post: The Irish In Mexico: The San Patricios

Contraception, Abortion, and Invisible Fences: A Brief Look at Church and State in the U.S. and Ireland

Introduction Amid the public outrage over the death of Savita Halappanavar in Galway, Ireland are the shocked and seething whispers about the alleged reason given to the woman and her husband regarding the denial of her request for an abortion: “This is a Catholic country.” This phrase quite simply implies that Ireland lives under a […]

My Letter to Irish Senators Asking for Abortion Legislation to be Prioritsied

Please feel free to use this letter as a template. We need to make our voices heard! The following is a list of email addresses for the current Senators: ivana.bacik@oireachtas.ie, seand.barrett@oireachtas.ie, paul.bradford@oireachtas.ie, terry.brennan@oireachtas.ie, paddy.burke@oireachtas.ie, colm.burke@oireachtas.ie, thomas.byrne@oireachtas.ie, deirdre.clune@oireachtas.ie, paul.coghlan@oireachtas.ie, eamonn.coghlan@oireachtas.ie, michael.comiskey@oireachtas.ie, martin.conway@oireachtas.ie, john.crown@oireachtas.ie, david.cullinane@oireachtas.ie, maurice.cummins@oireachtas.ie, mark.daly@oireachtas.ie, jim.darcy@oireachtas.ie, michael.darcy@oireachtas.ie, john.gilroy@oireachtas.ie, jimmy.harte@oireachtas.ie, aideen.hayden@oireachtas.ie, fidelma.healy.eames@oireachtas.ie, james.heffernan@oireachtas.ie, imelda.henry@oireachtas.ie, lorraine.higgins@oireachtas.ie, cait.keane@oireachtas.ie, john.kelly@oireachtas.ie, […]

My Letter to the 60 Members of the Seanad (sent: 2nd July 2012)

Below is a copy of my letter to members of the Seanad concerning the Youth Defence Billboard Campaign in Ireland. Please feel free to copy, share and/or alter the letter to suit your audience should you choose to bring up this issue with any public representatives. Additionally the following word document contains a general letter […]