A Review of Stephen King’s The Mist

The Mist (1980) is a novella set in Bridgton, a small town in Maine. Following a violent storm that breaks a stifling heat wave the town becomes enveloped in a thick and mysterious mist. Set in the local grocery store, a group of residents and tourists try to make sense of the strange situation they […]

A Review of Stephen King’s ‘The Breathing Method’

This was written as part of the Stephen King Project. “Birth is wonderful, gentlemen, but I have never found it beautiful – not by any stretch of the imagination. I believe it is too brutal to be beautiful. A woman’s womb is like and engine. With conception, that engine is turned on. At first it […]

Book Review: Lisey’s Story by Stephen King

*This review was written as part of The Stephen King Project* Lisey’s Story is a 2006 novel by Stephen King which combines romance, sci-fi and psychological horror. In this work, King conjures a complex story that is best that is best summarised in the flap of the book: “Lisey Debusher Landon lost her husband, Scott, […]

A Review of Stephen King and Joe Hill’s “In the Tall Grass.”

*This review is written as part of The Stephen King Project* “In the Tall Grass” (2012) is a short story that follows Cal and Becky, brother and sister, as the pull to the side of road after hearing cries for help from the expanse of tall grass beside them. As they enter the grass to […]

A Review of Stephen King’s IT

IT is a 1986 American horror novel by Stephen King which charts the journey of a group of childhood friends, known as the “Losers Club” (Bill Denbrough, Ben Hanscom, Eddie Kasbrak, Beverly Marsh, Stan Uris, Mike Hanlon, Richie Tozier), as they work to overcome a terrifying, shape shifting monster that threatens their lives. IT appears […]