“Banana Envy”: Notes on a Global Obsession

The banana is one of the most popular and ubiquitous fruits in the world. Walmart sells more of them than any other product. The word “bananas” has entered our language not just to refer to the fruit, but also as a slang word for something crazy or bizarre. In terms of imagery it’s slippery skin has become a […]

Under the Dome, Episode 1: Sealing the Glass Ceiling

In a nutshell, the television series, Under the Dome (2013),  is based on a novel (2009) by Stephen King which focuses on the town of Chesterville as it’s inhabitants cope with their entrapment under a giant, impenetrable dome. Before I get into the specifics of this review I must say that I have read the novel, Under […]

Dolores Claiborne: A Review

~This review was written as part of The Stephen King Project~ Dolores Claiborne is a psychological thriller novel narrated by the title character. Set on the fictional Little Tall Island (Also the setting of Storm of the Century) off the coast of Maine, the story opens with Dolores confessing to the murder of her husband 30 years […]