Teaching: Digital Skills for Research Postgraduates in the Humanities and Social Sciences

I recently co-taught a module on Digital Skills for Research Postgraduates in the Humanities and Social Sciences (PG6011/DH6014) with my colleague Paul O’Shea in University College Cork. We designed and delivered this one day intensive workshop aimed at introducing research postgraduates (MA MPhil, PhD) to a range of digital tools and skills that they can use […]

Academic Writing Month 2013: My Goals

@americasstudies I’m sure you’ve seen the flurry of post after the official announcement: yes, #acwrimo 2013 is alive and kicking (1/2). — Melanie Boeckmann (@m_boeckmann) October 10, 2013 Academic Writing Month is on our doorsteps once again. After some success with it last year – all 9247 words of it – I am definitely taking […]

Shut Up and Write Acrostic

Spotlight (on your writing) Hub (of activity) Universal (method for all writing types) Team (effort) Useful (for supercharging writing) Participate (with your peers in a socio-work setting) Amiable (environment to write and meet people) Negotiable (time, place, and duration) Diversity (in/out of every session) Words (on screen/paper, among friends) Regular (sessions help people keep in […]

To Conclude: Academic Writing Month and Me

As Academic Writing Month Draws to an end, I wish to reflect on how it has shaped my work over the past month. I sit here in a shut up and write session organised by WISPS (#WispsWD)using the last few minutes of the writing hours to begin this post. I entered AcWriMo with the hope that […]

Shut Up and Write: The Pros and Cons of Going it Alone

I have been using the “Shut Up and Write” method as part of my PhD writing regime for over a year. The first few sessions were conducted with at least one other participant and I found it very productive as a method. Having someone present to discuss writing, share hints and tips, as well as […]

Reading Kristeva: Podcasts, Discourse, and Collaboration

At the moment I am re-reading Julia Kristeva as a possible theoretical framework for my thesis. Kristeva is quite complex, yet very rewarding, and her phenomenological approach can be challenging after months of engaging with more straightforward critical and theoretical texts. When I struggle to find meaning in, or build up a dialogue between my […]

Poetry Matters: Mixing Poetics and Poetifying Conferences

Over the past few weeks I have been on what could be called a conference marathon: 4 conference papers in 6 weeks (Bookends VI: Deviance, Comparative Literature Association of Ireland First International Conference, Postgraduate Hispanic Studies Conference of Ireland and the UK, and the Transatlantic Studies Association Annual Conference)! Each conference had something unique to offer, […]

On Organising Conferences

When you embark on doctoral research it is inevitable that you will participate in conferences. Not only will you deliver papers at them but also – it is quite likely – organise at least one over the course of your study. I have been co-organiser of 3 conferences since beginning my PhD in October 2010 […]