ALTAR. Cruzando Fronteras, Building Bridges.

ALTAR: Cruzando Fronteras, Building Bridges is a documentary film about the writer, theorist and activist, Gloria Anzaldúa, directed by Daniele Basilio and Paola Zaccaria (2009). Click HERE to view it on Vimeo. The documentary explores Anzaldúa’s influence on visual artists, her own interests in art, and the intersection of art, spirituality and activism in her […]


This is the trailer of a 46-minute documentary video by Alma López featuring a roundtable conversation with Chicana artists Ester Hernández and Yolanda M. López. <iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe> All three discuss their controversial depictions of Our Lady of Guadalupe. This documentary is a visual chapter in an edited collection titled Our Lady […]

Arizona Education is White Washed as the Ban on Ethnic Studies Continues

Arizona has banned Ethnic Studies. The House Bill was signed into law last May by Gov. Jan Brewer and came into effect on December 31st 2010. The law comes soon after Arizona’s controversial immigration enforcement law. HB 2281 states that a school district or charter school in the Arizona shall not include in its programme of instruction […]