Shut Up and Write Acrostic

Spotlight (on your writing) Hub (of activity) Universal (method for all writing types) Team (effort) Useful (for supercharging writing) Participate (with your peers in a socio-work setting) Amiable (environment to write and meet people) Negotiable (time, place, and duration) Diversity (in/out of every session) Words (on screen/paper, among friends) Regular (sessions help people keep in […]

The Annotated Bibliography: A Researcher’s Pensieve

When I first read about Professor Dumbledore’s pensieve in the Harry Potter series I was brimming with jealousy. Who wouldn’t like to be able to free up some space in their mind every so often!? For those not in the know, a pensieve is a stone basin into which one can siphon off excess thoughts […]

Shut Up and Write: The Pros and Cons of Going it Alone

I have been using the “Shut Up and Write” method as part of my PhD writing regime for over a year. The first few sessions were conducted with at least one other participant and I found it very productive as a method. Having someone present to discuss writing, share hints and tips, as well as […]