Storifying Conferences

I recently wrote a post On Organising Conferences in which I suggested using tools like Storify to create a digital record of the event. I was on the organising committee for the annual School of English Postgraduate Conference in University College Cork called Bookends VI: Deviance which took place on the 30th and 31st May 2012. I used Storify to compile the liveblogs, tweets and other social media and materials. I found that it created an interesting chronological story or digital narrative of the conference from the Call for Papers to the Conference Close.

As I noted in my previous post about organising conferences, this method of recording constitutes an interesting digital souvenir of the conference for delegates and interested parties. Additionally, having live blogged several conferences and events, I find that seeing my work in a Storify document is very satisfying as it shows the various parts that I was involved in within the larger context of the event. Storify can also emphasis outside participation as it is an inclusive tool in which the user can include blogs, tweets, etc, from people who were unable to attend the event but got involved online.

To view the Storify for the Bookends VI conference, click HERE.

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