Journal Articles:

“‘Love American Style’: Race, Cuban Identity and Cultural Tyranny in Showtime’s Dexter.” American Studies Today Online, Vol 19, May 2012. Web.

Anti-Capitalist Critique and Travelling Poetry in the Works of Lorna Dee Cervantes and Rage Against the Machine.” Forum for Inter-American Research, Vol 5 Issue 1, April 2012. Web.


Book Reviews:

Book Review | Ciento: 100 100-Word Love Poems by Lorna Dee CervantesAztlán Reads, March 2012. Web.

A Xicana Codex of Changing Consciousness: Writings, 2000-2010 by Cherríe Moraga.” Aigne Issue 2, Autumn 2012. Web.


Guest Blog Posts:

Steubenhell on Earth” on FunknBeans, 04 April 2013.

Borderlands, Wounds and Women: On Discovering Chicana Poetry” on Postgraduate Contemporary Women’s Writing Network (PG CWWN), 09 Oct. 2013.

Bringing Lorna Dee Cervantes to Ireland.” on The SALSA Collective, 03 September 2014.


Film Review | Springsteen and I” on The Journalist, 23 July 2013. Web.

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