Librotraficante Caravan: Lorna Dee Cervantes

When Lorna Dee Cervantes was in highschool, her teacher said NO to every dream she had on the basis of the colour of her skin. Standing in front of the Alamo, San Antonio, Lorna Dee Cervantes stands up and says YES to Chicana/o Studies and NO to those who oppress ethnic studies education! For more information on the Librotraficante Movement, visit the website HERE.

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  1. Thanks for posting this, but I have to say, especially in light of the fact of the significance of beginning my own personal Librotraficante caravan at the Alamo and ending on St. Patrick’s Day in honor of Los Patricios, “Los Niños Heroes”, Irish heroes to me when I first learned of them in high school in a summer school Ethnic Studies class: I would never say “YES to Chicana/os and NO to the whites” in any form or context. My point was, and always is, the relation of power and language; my specific point was the power of literacy in the discovery of truth and justice; in particular, U. S. history, continental American history as Chicana/o history is singled out for prohibition in Arizona by HB 2281: removal from kid’s desks and boxing of books (since the Tucson school board is touchy about the word “banning.”) Give us back our books! As any literate person knows, these acts are unconstitutional. Librotraficantes love The Constitution of the United States and The Bill of Rights because we know that it was modeled after The Iroquois Confederacy, a consensus of The Mothers, the Elder Women’s spokes-circle whom The People turn to in times of crisis, because, let’s face it, aren’t our grannies always right? It’s against academic freedom in this country for a bunch of low-grade politicians to ban books and “prohibit” classes. I dare any of the school board members to quote any of the texts. I could start with “The Tempest.” Tucson school board members ought to be assigned mandatory classes on Arizona history and pass an Ethnic Studies exam. U. S. History has shed light on this fact: we must illuminate racism in order to eliminate racism. Without these courses, without these books and examples they inspire these kids to aspire to, I shudder to think what will happen without a quick-thinking, well-educated in Tucson public high schools, most likely by one of those very teachers singled out as “not teaching the material correctly,” Mexican-American youth standing by with the knowledge and poise, in two languages, to save a Tucson Congresswoman’s life: “white” or “brown” or “black” or “red” or “yellow,” all categories of human beings descending from Nazi pseudo-science, and I presume we all know where that path led; but that’s another story. Oh yeah, Éire go Brách!

  2. Americas Studies says:

    Thanks for commenting Lorna. I agree. I doubt any member of the school board can honestly say they read every text they “boxed” cover to cover. They are only kidding themselves with the false history they are trying to teach. The Librotraficante Caravan and all who support it are so important right now, handing out books, making speeches, readings, classes. Not only does it provide important knowledge for those affected by the book banning…ahem…boxing, but it also highlights the feeble nature of these insecure and illogical decisions made by the Tucson school board.

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