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Shut Up and Write Acrostic

Spotlight (on your writing) Hub (of activity) Universal (method for all writing types) Team (effort) Useful (for supercharging writing) Participate (with your peers in a socio-work setting) Amiable (environment to write and meet people) Negotiable (time, place, and duration) Diversity (in/out of every session) Words (on screen/paper, among friends) Regular (sessions help people keep in […]

Am I Making You Sick? Why I Love Academic Blogging

I recently read an article by Inger Mewburn (The Thesis Whisperer) called “‘You make me want to throw up’: why do some academics hate blogging?” As I read down through Mewburn’s experiences of resistance to blogging among academics I felt incredibly familiar with most of them: the accusation that blogging is not scholarly, the comments […]

Reading Kristeva: Podcasts, Discourse, and Collaboration

At the moment I am re-reading Julia Kristeva as a possible theoretical framework for my thesis. Kristeva is quite complex, yet very rewarding, and her phenomenological approach can be challenging after months of engaging with more straightforward critical and theoretical texts. When I struggle to find meaning in, or build up a dialogue between my […]

Storifying Conferences

I recently wrote a post On Organising Conferences in which I suggested using tools like Storify to create a digital record of the event. I was on the organising committee for the annual School of English Postgraduate Conference in University College Cork called Bookends VI: Deviance which took place on the 30th and 31st May […]

Writer’s Block: How to Overcome the Fear of the Blank Page

I regularly fall prey to writer’s block. Faced with a blank page, my mind empties, my sense of purpose evaporates and I begin to panic. I become overwhelmed by negative thoughts: I’ll never be able to write again….I’m in over my head with this….and so on! This has overshadowed my postgraduate research and writing since […]

Day of Digital Humanities 2012

Day of Digital Humanities 2012 has arrived! Are you participating?? I most definitely am! Click HERE to read my Day of DH post detailing what the digital humanities means for my research and a brief overview of my DH day.

School of English PhD Slam, University College Cork, 15th September 2011.

Slam PhD forces academics to get to the point. The linked article above appeared in The Irish Times, 16th September 2011. It covers the 1st PhD Slam held by the School of English, University College Cork the day before the article came into print. For the Slam, participants including myself employed a Japanese method of […]

A Review of “A New Page – Digital Humanities: Editing, Reading, and Understanding” By Dr. Orla Murphy, School of English, UCC, October 21 2009.

Orla Murphy gave a stimulating paper in the School of English Research Seminar, University College Cork, which asked the fundamental question: In the coming years, is digital illiteracy going to place people on the margins of research? According to Murphy, the library, which has long been the nucleus of the modern humanities, is undergoing a complete […]