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“Banana Envy”: Notes on a Global Obsession

The banana is one of the most popular and ubiquitous fruits in the world. Walmart sells more of them than any other product. The word “bananas” has entered our language not just to refer to the fruit, but also as a slang word for something crazy or bizarre. In terms of imagery it’s slippery skin has become a […]

Oppression: A Response to Rory O’Neill’s Abbey Theatre Speech

I am moved to write this post after watching Rory O’Neill’s speech in the Abbey Theatre. O’Neill’s speech follows on from comments he made about homophobia on the Saturday Night Show which prompted RTE to pay out €85,000 to the Iona Institute Catholic lobbying group. O’Neill’s description of oppression in Ireland is familiar to many of […]

A Marine Story (2010): From Sexuality to Sexism in the U.S. Military

“A decorated Marine officer unexpectedly returns home from the war and is quickly recruited to help a troubled teen prepare for boot camp, but when the true reasons for her return become known it threatens the future for both of them. A MARINE STORY [Directed by Ned Farr] highlights the absurdity of the military ban […]

Dr. Seuss: The Political Cartoonist

Happy Birthday to Dr. Seuss (aka Theodor Seuss Geisel, 1904-1991) who would have been 108 today! Did you know that as well as being one of the most famous children’s author of all time and connoisseur of the anapestic tetrameter, Dr. Seuss was a life-long political cartoonist. The Dr. Seuss Collection at Mandeville Special Collections […]

Further Border Intrusion in the Rio Grande Valley

The US Mexico border fence which the acclaimed Chicana writer and theorist Gloria Anzaldúa describes as “una herida abierta [an open wound],” continues to disrupt and divide the lives of those who dwell in it’s surrounds. An article in the New York Times titled, “Border Fence Upends a Valley Farmer’s Life,” describes how a new push […]

Arizona Education is White Washed as the Ban on Ethnic Studies Continues

Arizona has banned Ethnic Studies. The House Bill was signed into law last May by Gov. Jan Brewer and came into effect on December 31st 2010. The law comes soon after Arizona’s controversial immigration enforcement law. HB 2281 states that a school district or charter school in the Arizona shall not include in its programme of instruction […]