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Review | Audre Lorde: The Berlin Years

I first saw Audre Lorde: The Berlin Years (2012) when it was screened at the FWSA Biennial Conference in June 2013 at the University of Nottingham. The film focuses on the time the African American, feminist, lesbian, warrior, poet, Audre Lorde spent travelling back and forth to Berlin between 1984 and 1992, and her influence on the […]

Oppression: A Response to Rory O’Neill’s Abbey Theatre Speech

I am moved to write this post after watching Rory O’Neill’s speech in the Abbey Theatre. O’Neill’s speech follows on from comments he made about homophobia on the Saturday Night Show which prompted RTE to pay out €85,000 to the Iona Institute Catholic lobbying group. O’Neill’s description of oppression in Ireland is familiar to many of […]

Girls Just Want To Be George, Jo, or Buffy: Reading Nostalgia and Heroines in Literature

A colleague shared the above image with me and I was reminded of so many books that have drawn me in to the point where I feel like I’m part of the narrative. For me, the trauma comes from having to let go of  immersed narrative experiences. Women and girls in literature like George Kirrin, Jo […]

The Lady Doth Approve: A Review of The FWSA Biennial Conference, June 21st-23rd 2013

I recently attended and presented at the Feminist and Women’s Studies Association of Ireland and UK Biennial Conference. It took place in the University of Nottingham from the 21st to 23rd June 2013 under the theme, “The Lady Doth Protest: Mapping Feminist Movements, Moments, and Mobilisations.” The theme is well-suited to my research interests and […]

Under the Dome, Episode 1: Sealing the Glass Ceiling

In a nutshell, the television series, Under the Dome (2013),  is based on a novel (2009) by Stephen King which focuses on the town of Chesterville as it’s inhabitants cope with their entrapment under a giant, impenetrable dome. Before I get into the specifics of this review I must say that I have read the novel, Under […]

“We Must Not Always Talk in the Market-Place of What Happens to Us in the Forest”: Victim Blaming is Our Scarlet Letter

“She had not known the weight until she felt the freedom” – Nathaniel Hawthorne, 1850 Are we all born with scarlet letters, unseen until someone or something makes them visible? Like unlucky lottery scratch cards, a letter rubbed raw, eczematous, infectious: one for every woman who dares to speak out against rape and sexual assault. […]

Steubenhell on Earth

Welcome to Earth: Where victims are blamed, where rapists are mollycoddled, where football is more important than #humanrights #Steubenville — Donna M. Alexander (@americasstudies) March 19, 2013   Steubenville is now synonymous with hell. It is no longer just a geographical location, but an event, a moment in time when humanity failed to be humane. […]

My Letter to Irish Senators Asking for Abortion Legislation to be Prioritsied

Please feel free to use this letter as a template. We need to make our voices heard! The following is a list of email addresses for the current Senators:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, […]

My Letter to the 60 Members of the Seanad (sent: 2nd July 2012)

Below is a copy of my letter to members of the Seanad concerning the Youth Defence Billboard Campaign in Ireland. Please feel free to copy, share and/or alter the letter to suit your audience should you choose to bring up this issue with any public representatives. Additionally the following word document contains a general letter […]

Dolores Claiborne: A Review

~This review was written as part of The Stephen King Project~ Dolores Claiborne is a psychological thriller novel narrated by the title character. Set on the fictional Little Tall Island (Also the setting of Storm of the Century) off the coast of Maine, the story opens with Dolores confessing to the murder of her husband 30 years […]