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Building a Bibliographic Database Using Viewshare

I am currently a research assistant for a project titled “Scholarship of Teaching for Transitions: A Review of Teaching for Transitions-Related Teaching and Learning Research and Activity.”* This six month project is based in Ireland, and is funded by the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. It “aims to provide […]

Storify and Scholarship: Education, Research and Dissemination

I was first introduced to Storify early in my doctoral studies as a tool for telling the story of a conference. To do this, the conference or event needs to have a strong online presence via live tweeting, blogging, etc. So, in the time since then I have used Storify solely in this manner. Recently, […]

Mavericks and Miracle Workers: Musings about Teacher Movies

Over the Christmas break I binge-watched several “teacher movies,” one of my regular holiday hobbies along with re-reading the Little Women series and the Harry Potter collection. I never had a Mr Keating (Dead Poets Society) or a Ms Gruwell (Freedom Writers). I certainly had several good, even excellent, teachers throughout my education, but never […]

Eiléan Ní Chuilléanáin’s “A Macaronic Citizen” and Poetry Translation: A Reflection

Several weeks ago I wrote a review of a poetry translation workshop I attended in University College Cork. It was a series of three meetings: 2 workshops and 1 seminar. This seminar was delivered by Eiléan Ní Chuilléanáin, poet, translator and academic on the 30 May 2013. Her paper, “A Macaronic Citizen” examined the complexity […]

U.S. Women and Abortion: An Infographic

Bibliographic sources for the information presented in the above image can be viewed here. This infographic is a creative way to provide people with facts rather than fictions. Similar Post: Contraception, Abortion and Invisible Fences: A Brief Look at Church and State in the U.S. and Ireland.

Poetry Translation Workshop: A Review

A series of Poetry Translation workshops are being held by the School of Languages, Literatures and Cultures, University College Cork over the coming weeks, hosted by writer in residence, Matthew Sweeney. I attended the first of these workshops on the 08th March 2013. Several texts by Spanish, German and French poets were provided, the aim […]

Cyborgs, Smart Phones and Poetry: Why We Should Memorise

I came across this post in The New Yorker recently called “Why We Should Memorize” and found plenty food for thought in it. Not so long ago I had a mental repository of dozens of poems and literary snippets that I could quote on demand. However, now I can barely remember phone numbers. The author, […]

The Annotated Bibliography: A Researcher’s Pensieve

When I first read about Professor Dumbledore’s pensieve in the Harry Potter series I was brimming with jealousy. Who wouldn’t like to be able to free up some space in their mind every so often!? For those not in the know, a pensieve is a stone basin into which one can siphon off excess thoughts […]

To Conclude: Academic Writing Month and Me

As Academic Writing Month Draws to an end, I wish to reflect on how it has shaped my work over the past month. I sit here in a shut up and write session organised by WISPS (#WispsWD)using the last few minutes of the writing hours to begin this post. I entered AcWriMo with the hope that […]

Crowdsourcing Wordle

I put together this Wordle to visually display my thoughts about crowdsourcing: Similar Posts: Crowdsourcing: Why I Do It