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Cherríe Moraga’s Latest Production:”New Fire-To Put Things Right Again”

Cherríe Moraga’s latest play, New Fire-To Put Things Right Again opens in the Brava Theater Center in January 2012, marking the Center’s 25th anniversary. To find out more about Moraga’s theatrical oeuvre click here, and watch the video below for details of Moraga’s journey towards New Fire. This latest production needs support to come into fruition. […]

School of English PhD Slam, University College Cork, 15th September 2011.

Slam PhD forces academics to get to the point. The linked article above appeared in The Irish Times, 16th September 2011. It covers the 1st PhD Slam held by the School of English, University College Cork the day before the article came into print. For the Slam, participants including myself employed a Japanese method of […]

A Review of “All You Jim Crow Fascists! Woody Guthrie’s Freedom Songs,”A Research Seminar Performance by Dr. Will Kaufman. 30 November 2009.

Dr. Will Kaufman opened his Seminar with the well-known Woody Guthrie song, “This Land is My Land.” In my opinion, this set the scene for an inspirational story of Guthrie’s transformation from a narrow-minded racist into an enlightened civil rights supporter and activist. Firstly, it is important to acknowledge the way in which Kaufman presented […]

A Review of “A New Page – Digital Humanities: Editing, Reading, and Understanding” By Dr. Orla Murphy, School of English, UCC, October 21 2009.

Orla Murphy gave a stimulating paper in the School of English Research Seminar, University College Cork, which asked the fundamental question: In the coming years, is digital illiteracy going to place people on the margins of research? According to Murphy, the library, which has long been the nucleus of the modern humanities, is undergoing a complete […]

The Cobh Heritage Centre and the Spectacle of the Poor Immigrant

The experience of immigration is evoked in many ways. Film, art, literature, music and exhibitions create a spectacle of immigration. The Cobh Heritage Centre’s exhibition can be compared and contrasted with other works, both past and present to reveal the nature of this spectacle. This paper investigates representations of immigration that realistically interpret the pain […]