11/22/63 by Stephen King: A Preliminary Report by one of his”Constant Readers”

Stephen King's 11/22/63

I have only read the first two chapters of Stephen King’s 11/22/63 and I am already compelled to blog about it! The New York Times has described the book as “one of the best time-travel stories since H. G. Wells” (Click here to read the full review). The book, a time travel narrative in which one man is on a mission to save JFK from assassination, has received thumbs up across the board of reviews and I agree. I am only just dipping into the rich folds of the story and I want to dive head first absorbing every word of 11/22/63. King is often relegated as a hack or commercial writer with no real merit beyond selling copious amounts of books. However, as an avid reader, it is rare to find a book with a unique gravitational pull that draws you in until you feel like an actual physical part of the narrative at hand. King achieves this time and time again and his latest contribution does not disappoint….I have waxed lyrical enough for now. A full report is due upon finishing 11/22/63 and it will no doubt be just as positive as the other reviews that have surfaced since it’s publication.


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  1. Phil K says:

    Read this almost a year ago, and as you yanks say – “I was blown away” it’s a beautiful and original take on Time Travel. King does some fantastic Sci-Fi stuff. One of his short stories remains one of my favourite SF short stories ahead of many SF greats.
    I understand he is going to do a follow up to The Shining next. Look forward to it (A friend says his Dark Tower book 8 was a disappointment. Haven’t read that yet….

    • Americas Studies says:

      Thanks for commenting. Yes the follow up to The Shining will be called Dr. Sleep. I’m really looking forward to that. I haven’t read any of the Dark Tower series yet but i hope to get around to it soon.

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